Get Ready for a Great Diving Season

Its time to get ready for great dive season. Dust off your equipment if you haven’t already and check it out to make sure everything is working properly. Now is a great time to get your regulator serviced, make sure your dive computer works and its battery is good. Look at all your rubber straps and replace them if they look dried out. Patch any holes in your suit if needed. Get your tanks filled and/or VIP’d if necessary.

In addition to getting all of your gear in working order, you may also consider a few upgrade to your equipment and diving skills. Depending on where you live in the New England Area, we have a variety of great professional dive store available that can answer any questions you may have or you can just simply give us a call to discuss your needs and interests for diving in our area or if you wish, learn about some dive vacations that we can help you plan for.


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