Diving Activities

Discovery Dives:

If you have ever wondered what a specific location has in store for you, let us take you there to see what this new location offers. These dives are for the adventurous at heart and can be as far south as Nahant and north to the far reaches of Cape Ann. The Discovery Dive charter is a two-tank charter and can be at different spots for each dive. For dives deeper than 60 ft., each diver must hold at least an advanced certification or dive log with proof of diving abilities. All C-Cards will be checked before leaving the dock. Come and join the fun and experience these new locations may bring.

Sport Dives:
Sport Diving depths will generally not exceed 60 to 70 feet. Open Water certifications are required to participate in these dives.

Wreck Dives:
Most wreck dives around Cape Ann are in depths between 60’ to 100”. The most popular wreck for divers is the Chester Poling at 90’. These wreck dives should be made by certified divers with at least one year of diving experience. Dives to the Chester Poling requires Advanced Open Water, Open Water II certification or equivalent experience

Wall Dives:
Wall dives will generally consist of depths from 10’ to 80’ unless specified in the schedule. Because of the terrain, walls will not have places for resting and will require adequate buoyancy control skills for maximum enjoyment.

Ledge Dives:
Ledge diving is an experience in adventure due to the many caverns, crevices, marine life, surge conditions, and tidal shifts. Many of these ledges are virgin territory for divers because they are in open water and not in view from the surface. Anchorage will generally be on top of the ledge for safe descents. This will truly be an adventure for all diving levels.

Night Dives:
Night Dives will consist of two dives at different locations. The first dive will be at dusk, and the second will be in full darkness, so bring your underwater lights. The depths during the actual night dive will generally be 40’ or less. Deeper night dives will be conducted based on diver experience and group requests.

Tech Dives:
Tech Dives are primarily reserved for Tech Divers using mixed gas and are diving depths greater that 100+ feet. On occasions, Tech dives will make two deep dives at the same location when conditions are favorable. Groups of Tech Divers when making reservations will need to notify the Captain of the location and dive intentions. Due to the equipment that most Tech Divers bring on these dives we will limit the number of passengers to 4 divers max.